Business description

Pro Gamers Group (“PGG”) is the leading vertically integrated, digitally native one-stop-supplier for high-end performance gaming computer systems, equipment and peripherals. PGG targets enthusiast and performance gamers through a selection of industry leading B2C e-commerce shops in core gaming markets. Additionally, PGG can rely on a global network of B2B partners to distribute its products.

With its unique access to data and ability to innovate quickly, PGG has proven itself as a successful incubator of market leading own brands and is the market maker for a broad range of exclusive products. PGG is present in all major gaming regions, through entities in Germany, the UK, the Nordics, Eastern Europe, Portugal, Australia as well as Taiwan and is headquartered in Berlin.

Investment thesis

PGG’s strategy is to continue its strong growth in its core markets to become the clear market leader in gaming peripherals and equipment and to expand into new regions through selective buy and build. Building upon its deep market know-how and incubator capabilities, PGG aims to further expand its portfolio of high margin own brands and exclusive products by inhouse development, strategic collaborations and further acquisitions.